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Our Story

We started in July of 2009 with just a lonely strip of sunny grass and  pile of scavenged and donated recycled wood.

Then we all got together and had a garden-storming party!  We removed some weed trees along the wall that were casting shadows over our growing area, and we cut the wood into 8 foot boards.

Then we used shovels and elbow grease to dig up the areas where the beds would go.

Each raised bed is unique.  We used wooden stakes to put some of them together, and metal tape for others.  Some of the wood came from a fallen down building in West Philly and the rest is recycled from other places.

We filled the beds with beautifully decomposed soil that had once been a pile of woodchips.

We started with just two 8×8 foots beds, but the garden kept growing and growing . . . .

. . . . until we had ten full sized plots and two small ones for the school down the road!

We finished up the 2009 year by adding a compost bin in the corner.

In April of 2010 we trimmed some trees on the north side of the garden and we are now in the process of building six new beds!

In 2010 we also added two apiaries (see the “Bees” tab on the website) and a picnic table, built by our wonderful gardener Joe.  Here he is, enjoying the fruits of his labor.  Note the WCG (Woodlands Community Garden) carved into the side of the table.

The picture below is how we envision the garden to look in the future, with picnic tables, hammocks, more compost bins, and a handy dandy info kiosk (click on the photo for a better look)!

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