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In April 2010 UC Green and Daniel Duffy built a Community Apiary at The Woodlands Community Garden.  Duffy keeps bees in several locations in West Philadelphia and UC Green worked with him to secure the boxes and bees and to build the boxes.  After about a year of successful beekeeping he decided to raise money to start a youth beekeeping and Community Supported Apiary program at The Woodlands!  There are now over a dozen hives nestled into the wildflower meadow, with bees busily pollinating our vegetable crops.  Find out more about Duffy’s program here.

Apiaries at The Woodlands Community Garden

Community Gardener Leslie, working at the beehives

Also, check out this article about Philadelphia beekeeping in Hemispheres Inflight Magazine.  That handsome beekeeper is our very own Daniel Duffy!  And Skout Media just put out a video about the Community Apiary at The Woodlands this Fall (2011).

Woodlands Community Apiary from Skout Media on Vimeo.

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